Exercise and Feelings of Well-Being

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Exercise can improve our mood

RVSC Client Handbook


Just some of my musings on various topics contained in my client handbook

It’s a Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

More and more research is coming out that links a sedentary lifestyle to negative health outcomes, even with regular exercise. It’s going to take more than exercise. It’s going to take a lifestyle change. Here are a few tips for living an active lifestyle.

I’m Not A Doctor, And I Don’t Play One At The Gym!

Doctor's Diagnosis

I am often asked medical questions, but if you have pain, you should check in with a qualified Orthopedic Doctor or Physical Therapist.

The Fitness Path: Where are you now? Where do you want to be?

Compass direction

Set your goals and do some fitness testing to identify where your fitness levels are at, and if you are moving in the right direction.