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The website, Breaking Muscle is holding a contest for the top ten fitness blogs of 2015. Nominations will be accepted until Friday, February 27th. The contest got me thinking about my favorite fitness blogs.  The ones I follow for top notch information in my industry. I am going to share my list of “go to” blogs. These professionals are far more knowledgeable and better writers than me, and I aspire to reach their level at some point in my career. You may already follow some of these blogs or have seen one of their posts I have shared on my Facebook page, but maybe there are a few that will be new to you. Without further ado, here they are, in no particular order of importance.

  • Eric Cressey. I was referred to Eric Cressey’s blog many years ago by Dennis Love, a strength coach at Clemson University. I connected with Coach Love in a proactive effort to become a better strength coach for the SOU softball team. Eric Cressey is the president and co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance in Hudson, MA and a recently opened location in Jupiter, FL. Eric’s blog has a lot of baseball related information, but he also has valuable information for general strength training. He has a very strong understanding of anatomy and physiology, but then again, all the people mentioned on this list do too. There are two things I really appreciate about his blog, the number of new exercises and mobility drills it has introduced me to, and the weekly post that refers people to his favorite posts in the strength and conditioning realm. He also provides fitness professionals with a ton of valuable information for becoming a better coach. I have purchased numerous online products from EC, including workouts and DVD seminars. I believe he sets the gold standard among fitness blogging.
  • Jen Sinkler. Jen is a former national team rugby player and a long time fitness writer/editor for national fitness magazines. She is a great role model for women who believes in getting strong and lifting weights. Her recommendation for cardio? “Lift weights faster!” That is the title of one of her recent fitness products. Maybe it’s because I have a young daughter, but I believe the world could use more strong female role models such as Jen, plus she has a great sense of humor. Since I train a lot of women, it’s important to get a female perspective on training.
  • Tony Gentilcore. Just as the previously mentioned Jen Sinkler exudes humor in her blog, this is also a great attribute of Tony Gentilcore, and it shines through in his writing. Tony is a coach at Cressey Sports Performance and also one of the co-founders. He posts on his blog often, with consistently useful information. Eric Cressey may be more well known, for now, but Tony is coming into his own.  They make a formidable team at Cressey Sports Performance. Tony is big proponent of “lifting heavy things.” With his expansion into giving seminars and creating fitness products, his reputation will only grow in the fitness industry, and deservedly so.
  • Dean Somerset. Dean is an exercise physiologist and strength and conditioning specialist, hailing from Alberta, Canada. He is a fabulous resource for improving mobility, and also specializes in post-rehab training for clients. He has done seminars with the before mentioned Tony Gentilcore on spinal health and core training. Just like Jen and Tony, Dean injects humor into his writing to keep things fresh and interesting. His posts on mobility are among my favorite on his blog, and he is very good about providing video demonstrations of the drills and exercises he mentions.
  • Girls Gone Strong (GGS).  GGS consists of an advisory board of smart, healthy, and strong women who all contribute to their vast array of content. Going back to what I said earlier, having a young daughter and coaching a majority of female clients makes it important that I keep up to date on the latest information regarding female fitness training. They touch upon exercise technique, nutrition, emotional health, and guidelines for working out during pregnancy, and that’s just to name a few of the topics. Strength coaches, doctors, and a physical therapist complete the lineup of their advisory board. I always enjoy their solid contributions to the health and fitness world with a female perspective.
  • Mike Robertson.  Mike is the president of Robertson Training Systems and the co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training (I-FAST). He has been known to hammer out some epic posts covering topics related to strength and conditioning, from deadlifting to core training. On this list of fantastic blogs, he may be the one person who provides the most detailed and comprehensive free fitness content I have seen. It will be well worth your time to dig through his vault of past blog posts.
  • Nick Tumminello. Nick is the owner of Performance University International. He is known as the “trainer of trainers”,  and has written for major fitness publications which includes having his own book published in 2014, Strength Training for Fat Loss.  What I like most about Nick, is his scientifically based, no nonsense approach to training. This attitude comes through in his blog and he is great about posting videos with demonstrations of exercises. If you want to get past all the hype and fallacies out there in the fitness world, Nick is your guy.
  • Bret Contreras. Bret is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and a PhD candidate in sports science, but he is probably best known as the “glute guy.” Even though he likes to keep a firm handle on the glutes (no pun intended), he is also well versed in all areas of sports science. He is a co-founder of the strength and conditioning research review which helps break down complicated fitness studies in to easy to understand information. I share his posts quite often, but please be forewarned, you may not want to dig into his website if you are easily offended by well toned glutes.
  • Dan John. What can I say about Dan John? His posts are full of humor, solid fitness information, and all written in a simple, no-nonsense manner. I won’t go into too many details here because you can just read my past post titled, The Wisdom of Dan John. He recently started up a weekly newsletter, that covers his favorite articles he has read over the course of the week. You can sign up for it here.

Well, there they are, my favorites. Not only are they all great writers, but I would consider them my mentors.  I can think of other fitness professionals out there who have high quality fitness blogs, but they don’t post on a consistent basis. The professionals listed above, all keep their blogs up to date and stocked full of useful information. I hope that helps. Who knows, maybe you will even want to vote for them on the breaking muscle blog contest. If you feel I provide you with useful information on my blog, you can always vote for me on the breaking muscle website too. I would appreciate that. I will continue to work on improving my writing, and learning all I can about strength and conditioning, and maybe, just maybe, someday I will be regarded as highly as the awesome individuals listed above.

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