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One of my goals in 2014 was to publish a blog post on every week, for the entire year.  With that being said, I didn’t want to publish a post just for the sake of publishing one. I wanted to make sure each one contained some relevant information that the reader might find useful.  I am on the road in Tucson, AZ. I decided to take the kids on a long spring break road trip. Sometimes a vacation presents a perfect opportunity to take a break from serious training and allows the body to absorb all the work that has been done leading up to the time away. There are moments where we may be overreaching or on the brink of over-training, and the break is a welcome relief to the body and mind. You can even plan a cycle of heavy or intense training leading up to the break and use the vacation as an active recovery. Sometimes people return from vacation feeling stronger than ever. Their body finally gets some rest and could make the needed physical adaptations, heal up any aches and pains, and take care of any other physical maintenance required. This works well if you plan on being active without any intense training on your time away. For example, I know I will be doing a lot of hiking in the desert and swimming at the hotel on this vacation, which is fantastic for active recovery. However, sometimes we have specific goals we are working towards and the vacation falls on a time when training is still required. Whether or not training can continue is also dependent on where we are spending our vacation and what we have access to. I am working towards improving my one repetition maximum on my squat, bench press, and deadlift. My vacation comes during my heavy phase and I happen to have access to a gym, so my training can continue on. There are also great sidewalks, bike lanes, and trails near by for running. If I didn’t have easy access to these things then I would use this time for natural movement training and/or active recovery.  So with all that being said, I wanted to leave you with four tips for exercising when you’re on vacation, if it’s an option.


  • Make time for play. Follow a MovNat or natural movement workout. Often times, minimal equipment is needed and a playground will do just fine. If you have kids, then they can play along with you and the whole family can be included. Check out the MovNat journal for some great ideas.
  • Get a gym membership at a national chain that allows access to all of their locations with a membership. I’ll admit, I am biased because I work at Anytime Fitness and I have experience using many of their locations around the west, but any national chain that allows access to all of their gyms will work. There happens to be one just down the street from where I am staying.
  • Just get out and move.  You can use the internet to research local trails. Also, you can ask the local people and get their insight into the best places to run/hike, bike, and swim.  I usually ask the front desk clerk at the place we are staying and I also like to ask our food server when we get a meal. Often times they will give you insight to trails or facilities that you will not be able to find with online research.
  • You can try out a new fitness class.  It can be a great opportunity to try out a class that you normally don’t take at home.  Maybe it’s a yoga class or boot camp style workout. Often times, they will offer these types of classes at a resort. Basically, try something new.

So there are a few tips on keeping active while on vacation, but after all, it is called a vacation so don’t stress if you can’t workout as much as you’d like. Enjoy the time with your family or companions, which in the grand scheme of things, is the most important thing. This post is a little shorter than usual, but I am on “vacation” and my daughter wants to go play on the monkey bars, so I got to go!

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