New Services

I have decided to add some new services as we come to the end of another year.  As we head into 2013 (yeah, I said it, 2013!  I am not buying into this end of the world stuff), I want to offer semi-private and group training options.  Why do I want to do this?  There are three important reasons….


  1. It’s affordable!  Group training allows me to keep the cost down for everyone participating and that’s makes training accessible to just about everyone who is interested in doing it.
  2. Build camaraderie!  Training with other people can increase the intensity of the workout, hold you accountable to others, add an element of competition, cooperation, and forge new friendships.
  3. Provides you with coaching and a structured training program!  All you have to do is show up and the program is laid out for you.  Some people don’t need or want me right next to them during a whole workout session but could still benefit greatly from being coached.  You will still get that coaching in terms of exercise explanations, technique correction, and words of encouragement or motivation.

So here are the options that will be available…


Work out with friends or other health minded individuals and save money!


  • Semi Private: (2 to 5 people)  You can join with up to four other friends or strangers to share a coaching session.  Each person still receives their own personalized workout but they will share their workout sessions with others.  I will move around from client to client as I deem necessary and try to spend equal time with each one.  Most warm-ups and cool-downs will be done together.  This is a perfect option for someone who wants to save money but still receive a personalized workout without me analyzing their every move.  You can sign up with some friends or I will connect people who are interested.


Unite with a team to take your workouts to another level!


  •   Team Training: (6 to 20 people)  This is a great option for larger groups or those wanting to workout with a larger group.  I have been the unofficial strength coach for several Southern Oregon University teams which includes a couple of seasons with SOU Softball, and several seasons with SOU Volleyball which I currently still work with.  As a group, we will come together on a common goal and I will design a training plan to get us there.  We will follow one workout as a team and I am there to oversee it.  Goals could range anywhere from losing weight and increasing general health to specific sports related goals for groups such as endurance athletes or recreational sports competitors.  In general, workouts would include a dynamic warm-up, power training, strength training, core work, and a cool-down.


Boot camp workouts are a challenging blend of strength and endurance training!


  •  Boot camp workouts: (up to 20 people)  This is a mix of strength and endurance training.  It involves a lot of intervals utilizing body weight exercises, agility drills, plyometrics, and fitness games.  It’s affordable, challenging, and even a little fun!  Exercises can be modified so people of all fitness levels can participate.



    Semi Private:  1 hr training session- $25   1 month (2x a week)-$160  (3x a week)-$210

   Team Training:   Only available in monthly rates-  1 month (2x a week)-$50  (3x a week)-$67.50

   Boot camp workouts: Only available monthly and 2x a week- 1 month (2x a week)-$50