Why aren’t you MovNatting?

My recent Intro to MovNat class came to an end after seven weeks.  For six Saturdays we focused on specific movement skills and techniques.  On the final class we took MovNat out on the trails in the Oredson-Todd Woods.  It was practical fitness at it’s finest.   So far the training groups have been small and it made me wonder why there hasn’t been more interest.  After my first day of training I was hooked.  So what holds back people from trying it? There appear to be two main reasons why people don’t participate in MovNat training.  1) They already know how to balance, climb, crawl, jump, throw, catch, run, lift, carry, and defend, and they don’t think it will be a challenge.  2)  At the other end of the spectrum, people think training these skills will be too difficult.  Let’s look at these two roadblocks to training and how they can often times be misconceptions.

It’s true that a majority of people have performed these movements at some point in their lives, but as we age, we tend to not do them anymore.  My four year old daughter is always going out of her way to balance on curbs, jump on and off couches, run, throw things, and so on.  How many adults do this?  Probably not many.  Also, just because a person has done these movements in the past doesn’t necessarily mean they are good at them.  A person may find that training in this way has become much more difficult as the years have passed since they were a child.  As the old saying goes,”We lose what we don’t use.”

It’s true, the movements can be difficult but that’s why there are different levels of techniques and we can make use of regressions if needed.  They can start with a basic movement and once they master it, or at least become competent, they can progress to more advanced techniques.  Modifications can be made to any of the techniques.  If a technique is difficult, then it’s more of a reason to do it.  If you want to improve, do the things you suck at!  If mobility is an issue,  movements will reveal what you need to work on.

So don’t let these reasons hold you back from trying MovNat.  It’s a great way to improve your mobility and best of all, the techniques are practical.  Being competent in these techniques could actually save your life.  While there are benefits to getting strong in the gym, that strength may not be useful in the outside world.  Big muscles and a firm body may look nice, but if you can’t move properly, what good is it?

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