You Are Enough

Lately, I’ve been feeling like people are often too hard on themselves when it comes to fitness. Last week, this really caught my attention. I was in the middle of a coaching session and I checked in with my client about how their nutrition plan had been going for the week. They told me they had gotten off track with their healthy eating and proceeded to beat themselves up. I could tell that a couple nearby was eavesdropping on our conversation and it felt a bit awkward. In my head, I figured they were pegging me for some kind of fitness and nutrition dictator, ruthlessly exposing my clients shortcomings. That’s not the case, but for a brief moment, I was wondering if that’s what I had become. I didn’t like to hear my client get into a negative frame of mind. I doesn’t mean we’re a bad person if we indulge in one too many treats, are overweight, have a high body fat percentage, or have a hard time finding the motivation to work out. It’s the same thing in other areas of our lives. Just because somebody has more money than another person, or a higher level job, or more friends, doesn’t mean they are a better person. I have one important point I want to make in this post.

  • You are enough.

I heard this on a motivational lecture many years ago, and the person who spoke those words has been long forgotten in my mind, but the words stuck with me. Have you ever found yourself saying, “if only”? If only I was as fit, rich, smart as that person, I’d have it made. The road to success starts with accepting yourself, and showing yourself love. I know it may sound like some “Hippy, dippy, Baloney!” (-Lego Movie), but it’s the truth. Now this isn’t an excuse to be complacent and not improve yourself, but the road to success starts with accepting yourself the way you are right now, and then taking the necessary steps to get where you want to be (if you are not already there).

That’s all I wanted to say. I have a tendency to get down on myself. Somebody will throw criticism my way about my website, blog post, my voice mail message or something else, and I tend to start punishing myself. Then I remember those words I heard long ago. I take a deep breath and whisper to myself, “I am enough.”

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