Semi Private: (2 to 5 people)  You can join with up to four other friends or strangers to share a coaching session.  Each person still receives their own personalized workout but they will share their workout sessions with others.  I will move around from client to client as I deem necessary and try to spend equal time with each one.  Most warm-ups and cool-downs will be done together.  This is a perfect option for someone who wants to save money but still receive a personalized workout without me analyzing their every move.  You can sign up with some friends or I will connect people who are interested.

  • Functional Movement Screen     $40
  • 1 Hour Fitness and Movement Assessment (Required for New Clients)  $65
  • New Client Training Package (Assessment & 3 Premium Training Sessions)  $160
Training Packages

Semi-Private Session (1 Hour)- $45

  • 4 session training package  $160 ($40 per session-$20 savings)
  • 8 session training package $300 ($37.50 per session-$60 savings)
  • 12 session training package  $420 ($35 per session-$120 savings)