Sam Gaviglio

2008: Ashland Grizzlies-Oregon Class 5A State Pitcher of the Year (13-0), Drafted in the 40th Round by Sam GaviglioTampa Bay

2009: Oregon State University- Freshman All-American (10-1)

2010: Oregon State University- (3-4)

2011: Oregon State University- Second Team All-American (12-4), Drafted in the 5th Round by St. Louis

I worked with Mike for a couple months before my sr. year of baseball at Ashland High School, this was my first time experiencing any weight lifting and training by a professional. He always brought a planned workout with him that was designed to meet the physical demands I met on the field. Mike is always looking for new methods and concepts for training so clients can reach their potential.

Josh Rohlfing

Head Volleyball Coach Southern Oregon University
/ Club Director Ocean Volleyball Club

I am completely ecstatic about the workouts Mike created for us over the past year and half. We’ve seen incredible differences from year one to year two. The functional strength that our athletes have developed is phenomenal. We are more balanced, we’re hitting the ball (volleyball) harder, and we are more explosive in all regards to the game. The most impressive aspect of our workouts is the team’s excitement to see what Mike is going to give them next. The workouts are creative and they absolutely work! My favorite aspect of working with Mike is his receptiveness to our needs. He is continuously learning and displays a true love for what he does. Our athletes can’t help but improve under the positive atmosphere that Mike creates. This past season we won our conference championship, our conference tournament, and finished ranked 13th in the nation. We’ve seen great strides this off-season and expect even greater results in the fall.

Sarah Strickler

After the birth of my first daughter I fell in love with running.  It was a great workout and got me back in shape after being pregnant for nine months.  After the birth of my second daughter I was determined to get back into running shape and come back faster and stronger.  I am a stay-at-home mom and have very little time to go to a gym so I needed a workout plan that I could literally do from my home.  That’s when I found Mike.  He helped to tailor my running workouts to my specific goals and needs with a program that would properly train me for races.  Mike was able to give me weekly workout plans that fit my time constraints and left me with enough energy to still chase my two little girls around.  Since starting Mike’s training program 10 weeks ago I have shaved almost a minute off my mile pace.  During my training program Mike was able to answer all of my questions and give me support, guidance, and encouragement along the way.  His running programs keep me motivated and running hard for whatever race I am training for.  Mike’s knowledge, enthusiasm, and love of running have helped me to stay focused and running.

Scott Morse

I have been using Rogue Valley Fitness training since December of 2009. On the first meeting Mike took an hour and just talked to me about my fitness goals, my medical history and wanted to know the medications I was taking. Mike designed a strength  and conditioning plan as well as a nutritional plan to help me attain my fitness and weight loss goals. I meet with Mike once a month and we go over my progress and he creates a new challenging program to help me achieve my goals. If you want a trainer that is knowledgeable, attentive to your needs, gets excited about your progress and gives you that extra motivation to succeed then I Highly recommend Mike Sotos and Rogue Valley Fitness Training to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Diane Demerritt

Mike developed a workout schedule for me that took me from a moderate level of fitness to being able to complete the Mt. Ashland Hillclimb, in just three months! It was so exciting to see improvement in my fitness each week. The gradual way in which I was able to increase my duration and strength from Mike’s thoughtful plan worked! At age 58 I’m healthier and stronger that I’ve been in years. Thanks Mike, for a well-planned daily routine that has changed my life. It is so empowering to know that if I can walk 13 miles uphill, from Lithia Park to the Mt. Ashland lodge, that I can walk just about anywhere.

Daryn McLennan

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the outstanding job that you did with the kids during the summer and fall youth training programs.  You are providing great instruction and training at a critical time in their development process.  I appreciate your approach and look forward to the kids doing more training with you in the future.

Cherish & Chadwick Adams

I asked Chadwick what he really liked about your agility training camps and the first thing he enjoyed is how they were small groups so there was not as much pressure, the second thing that he enjoyed was shooting to prevent running…;) and the third is he enjoyed your your coaching in general!!!


My husband began seeing Mike for a very painful back that limited many activities. He had seen 2 Physical Therapists prior and neither helped with his back problem. Mike has worked with him, tailoring specific exercises to accommodate his limitations due to various health issues. My husband is finally completely pain free. Last weekend we were able to ride ATVs in the Oregon Dunes, something he had been unable to do because of the pain.

Cristin Henderson

My 11 year old son was extremely over active. He wasn’t into any sports (he tried many) and really doesn’t like team activities. We were looking for constructive way for him to focus his energy.
During his first session, Michael talked to my son about what he was interested in learning and what he wanted to get out of the sessions. Michael made the whole experience stress free and fun.
My son looks forward to his sessions every week. He has become more focused and now has better control over his energy levels. He has loved it so much his sister wanted to start training too and she will be starting her own sessions this summer.

Chuck Squires

On November 1, 2016, I had a total knee replacement (TKR) in my left knee. I suffered a knee injury while skiing 20 years prior and by 2012 had developed nagging arthritis. By the spring of 2016 I knew I had to have it replaced and the doctor agreed. I turned to Mike Sotos, who had been my wife’s trainer for 7-8 years, to help get me in better condition and strengthen my leg muscles so I would hopefully recover quickly from the operation. We worked regularly for 5-6 months prior to the operation and I credit my speedy recovery to Mike’s training and preparation. I used a walker for 3-4 days and then never used a cane or other assistance. At my first physical therapy appointment, about 9 days after the surgery, they asked me to bend my knee as far as I could. I managed a 125-degree bend, which they said is where they wanted me to be at the END of therapy, not the beginning! I stayed in therapy for about 5 weeks and then returned to Mike to continue my training and recovery. I fully believe that my very speedy recovery (the doctor said I was in the top few % for speed) was due to the training that Mike provided. I STRONGLY recommend that you get with Mike at least 4-5 months, if possible, or even 1-2 months prior to a TKR to prepare yourself for a speedy recovery. THANKS, MIKE!!!